Results of the day
1Dennis De Pauw32.6
2Bjorn Dunkerbeck32.2
3Andy Laufer31.99
4Dennis Klaaijsen31.81
5Michel Cyril31.72
6Michel Cyril31.72
7John Skye31.12
8Anders Boje30.89
9Fabian Blanke30.7
10Boris Vujasinovic30.31
11Christoph Deus29.28
12Sébastien Noiseau28.87
13Raf Alexander28.72
14Hugo Hekkenberg28.11
15Raphael Thomas28.08
16Fred Durozo28.04
17Robert Baas27.87
18Jerome Crestey27.83
19Mick Born27.69
20Virgil Conan27.64
21Martijn van Noord27.62
22Jesper Skytte27.45
23Kim Sorensen27.38
24Laurent Paya27.06
25Edgar Berger26.5
26Jeroen van Zadelhoff26.28
27Kasper Thrane26.18
28Kristel Kaubi25.87
29Andy Hart25.56
30Adrian Wallis25.18
31Hajo Rauschhofer24.86
32Rob de Jong24.68
33Marco Vermoen23.93
34Pim Spierenburg23.45
35Per Mjåtvedt23.21
36Garry Goodwin22.86
37Kirsten Baas19.63
38Kasper Thrane11.6
39Boris Vujasinovic6.19

1st Race Defiwind 2018. Good Speed down the course, bit slow on the way back. Need 1cm longer fin. Finished Top 10.

Defi warming up - wedstrijd - cooling down

Eerste Defi 2018 Race, JEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH Super!

Race one, managed to complete, in survival mode most of the time

My first Defi and super fun. Very hard work towards the end. I was pushing really hard the last 10km leg upwind and by the last 2km I could't do it anymore! Still happy with a finsih around 15-20 I think. My tuning was not perfect, as I had set the gear up for control on the first leg which is through the chop out to sea, but then on the 2nd leg it was a bit sticky to really release on the speed track. Hopefully we get another race to try again. Average is pretty low becasue it takes each leg so only had 3 good runs! 

First Defi race of 2018.


result: 85th place out of 1300 riders


Tricky conditions with 35-40 knots at the start. Rounded the first mark around 25th place and got stuck for about two minutes due to the arriving surfers blocking the wind at mark number 1. Could not stay afloat on my 74 liter board. After about 100 surfers passed me a catch up race started.

Bouy number two at Gruissan was upwind so tricky to reach. The second lap went perfect, great speeds to the mark at Port la Nouvelle and upwind back to the finish line.

After the race played out with 6.4 and manta 61 and went a couple of time to Port la Nouvelle and back

Please subscribe to my channel and support me on the way and during the Defi Windsurfing Races 2018 / DéfiWind, I am vlogging about it. Have fun watching.


First ever Défi heat for me.

Disaster, very late start, didn't made it to the 2nd buoy so had to gybe 2 more times then normal...

I'm hungry for more and will be ready next time!

1e defi race. netjes de race uitgevaren. 

After défi session.

Super relax cruising with Paul and Dennis.

greatest race ever

defi wind 2018

Defi wind day one. Super race and shifty winds

Le Defi race 1

defi wind

Heftige Bedingungen beim Defi Wind.

Leider schlechter Start und 3,5min an der ersten Haksentonne in der WIndabdeckung anderer Fahrer eingeparkt.

Dann nochmal abgestiegen um die Trapeztampen zu justieren...

Platz 133 ist ok.


DEFI Wind race

nav avec Marin le matin de l'ouverture du Défi Wind 2018 dans la brafougne...!!!

1 Race of Defiwind 2018

Defi first race

little test

raceday defi

ging niet echt goed met 4.2


Defi Wind race 1. Great fun! Great atmosphere! Great milk acid! Not so great that I missed the goal by 300 meters. Had to make 3 tacks to cross the finish line. Well, it can only go better from here ;)