Results of the day
1Wouter Liedenbaum40.64
2Christian Bornemann40.07
3Peter van Dijk40.02
4Heidi Ulrich37.66
5Marco Smeele36.12

Day 5

Just some less wind than yesterday and prediction was less wind every hour. So picked bigger speedset. But the first 2 hour still some nice gusts. And it was even faster than yesterday. :-)

Prince of Speed - nautical mile world record attempt.


Nautical mile record attempt

not super windy, but nice conditions in the morning, a little sqare

big thanks to Principe for a great, amazing event

congratulations to Heidi and Marine for their world records

congratulations to Roger, Marie-Paule, Principe, Christian Arnold, Zara and Chris for their national records

had a lot of fun today on the water with all competitors

Second day at la franqui. A bit less wind as on Monday. But still pretty good conditions!