Results of the day
1Sander Wiltschut33.79
2Gerard ten Berge32.8
3Andreas Grosse-Holz32.38
4Nils Bach31.15
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First with Isonic 90 and later with isonic speed 49.

New fun is great! Thanks windsurf Candy!!!!


During rigging it was already 34-40 knots and forecast was increasing wind, but as soon as we walked down to the spot the wind died. It always is a gamble to choose the right spot and this time it was wrong. Lets say it was a good practise for luderitz to get a small speed board going in almost no wind.

thanks again Andreas for borrowing me some big slalom gear, as i only brought my 44 and 5.4 was sailing on 120l with 8.6 for most of the day, so much fun to go up and down between Port la Nouvelle and La Franqui, nice end to the short holiday, hope to come back to Le Rouet soon!

De zondag-sessie, onverwacht super sessie op Franqui met het grote spul! Vanaf plus/minus half twee tot aan het einde van de sessie rond vijf uur geen GPS door lege batterij, kwa tijden en afstand scheelt het lichtelijk nogal wat daar de betere wind in de middag kwam. Maar niet getreurd i.i.g. zeker één dag Gerlof geklopt hahahaha....... tsja.

Het spul mooi afgespoeld in het Gardameer en nu weer terug thuis!

Grtz. Sander.