Results of the day
1Nils Bach42.03
2Manfred Fuchs38.92
3Heiko Michaelsen38.62

video of the day:

PR time!!!

was really unsure what creek to choose this morning, 235 is perfect for the southern while 205 is perfect for the Blutrinne, forecast showed 220...

happy I went for the Blutrinne as the conditions were quite good there, finally some wind to power the 5.4 decently!

session started rather slow going against the tide with runs of 37 knots, as the current stopped the chop got less rough and the speeds went up, did one run of 42 knots then in the next one I made a big crash at 41 knots... however gear was still in one piece and me as well and after 2 safety runs I went for it again and did between 41.5-42 knots in every run! As the tide turns it is usually the fastest, but today the wind went more square so no big speeds possible anymore...

very happy to pass the 42 knots, think I sailed really efficiently today as my topsspeeds were not so far of my 10s runs, the gear was working perfect, big thanks to my sponsors:

feinefinnen Duotone and Fanatic

not my day :(