Results of the day
1Scotty Stallman36.52
2Mark Newman35.35
3Jim Crossley34.17
4Paul Arnold30.26

Interesting day...Testing some freeride sails, started with the Switchblade 7.3 but the wind picked up and I changed to 6.3 oxygen.  top speeds all on oxygen but  the switchblde was amazingly fast against full on race sails there was no diffence in speed.  Only when the wind hit well over 30knots it let me know it was time to change down.   The Oxygen is always amazingly well behaved and I hit 37 knots...the fastest I have ever been on a rotational sail.

Later tested ART Speed 4.5 1991 and Neil Pryde RAF Speed 4.4 1989...ART was quite good... the NP not so good lol.  Why a RAF speed sail?  I do know the answer to that question!

Seems like a long time ago last out!

Managed a quick sail today but my knee found the water very cold must be my age