Results of the day
1Oisin van Gelderen45
2Marc Roosli40.93

Early morning session. Stronger than I thought. Should have put on the led jacket from the start - only had it on for the last run. Water was absolutely perfect. Nice to get some proper conditions again!


Nice !!
Have been searching for a Dungarvan forecast like this for about 3 years, and finally it comes good.  Just full power all the way on 5.2m
Rigged in the dark at 5am, and ready for on the water just after 6am to catch the low tide (7am).  We finished up by 8.30, and once it comes in too much it slows down.  Still super flat though today. 
Almost perfect Dungarvan.  Slightly broader would have been faster, but absolutely no complaints... apart from my own sailing.  A few tweaks here and there trying settings after v-broad Luderitz.  Forgot how fast the JP 45 is on a tighter course... rocket machine :)
Still V happy - a well executed plan, and no farting around waiting for wind.  Happy Daze.....