Results of the day
1Scotty Stallman40.67
2Scotty Stallman38.03
3Pete Young37.76
4Mark Newman35.19
5Richard Beaman31.45
6Chris Pankhurst 27.52
7George Fulton19.32

  started with less wind very early  but wasnt long before  the 5.7  was to much  ,,, was difficult   with this set up ,,, ,,, had a 4 or 4 ,7  but  i was fine !!,,,,,, changed up a fin size  which did help with the  strength  of the wind ,, loved it ,, wasnt a sole in the harbour  when i started 

A bit crazy!

I gave it a go this morning and lasted a little longer than normal, dead square so scared myself a couple of times bearing away, Shame there was no energy left to give the afternoon a go.

Morning Session

Afternoon session

Big mistake, binned the session too early, should have changed down. I must try harder.