Results of the day
1Piotr Dudek41.57
2Jean-marc Degrelle41.39
3Christophe Peyrouse41.25
4Jean-Charles Hoffmann41.15
5Nico Nouwen40.25
6Laurent Fesquet39.9
7Anthony Rebours39.75
8Zinou Guiri35.44
9Zinou Guiri35.44
10Anthony Rebours33.92
11Sosso Sosso31.77
12Yayo Camegratte Fada29.5

nice session at sunrise ,

2 nice hours , unfortunately , anthony had a big crash to close the session ,

get well soon , mate ;) 


Woke up at 4:45 to be at the beach around 7. At that time there were already people on the water..

first time with the falcon 45... look good. nice session but fucking big crash at the end... it's the game

Did only 8 runs. Last one I crashed at 44 kts and broke harness line and GPS Polish record on average 5x10 and max speed 2s.