Results of the day
1Manfred Merle38.95
2Ralf Ewers38.15
3Uwe-Sören Schmidt38.14
4Patrick Miller36.11
5Colin Stutzke35.57
6Onno Kramer34.79
7Frank Hochbohm32.17
8Alexander Bauer29.91

Was für eine tolle erste Sassion in diesem Jahr am Stein. Super Montag in Steinhude mit den ganzen Speedern. Körper hat trotz Infekt ganz gut gehalten. 

yes :-)


The new Falcon 80 is absolutly amazing !!!!!! PR for me in Steinhude. Unfortunately only 45 minutes time to do my runs... More to come :-)

Toller Nachmittag mit einigen neuen PBs

Fantastic moring of surfing, however the gable didn't pay off.

Started at 7.15 with 6.2, but the wind wasn't as strong as during night. After 2hours I had to fix a footstrap and took the chance to take the 7.0.
At first I though I did everything right as my average increased, but then the wind really started blowing. I did my fastest session with 7.0 (I think), but had no chance to battle with the Manfred, Uwe-Sören and later Ralf who all choose 6.x the whole day.
Great speeds, very well done!