Results of the day
1Andrea Cucchi41.02
2Rainer Motloch39.48
3Laurent Fesquet38.54
4Anthony Rebours37.83
5Tim Otte37.67
6Patrick Depoorter37.58
7Jean-marc Degrelle37.36
8JeanPierre de Waard35.81
9Koen van der Avoort34.41
10Koen van der Avoort25.66
11Zinou Guiri23.93

wind picked it up when I had to leave , bad luck !

A very nice day with many familiar faces on the beach. The wind was good, always went up and down about 25-35 knots, the water was okay, sometimes with rolling chop and some sandbanks. It was fun and after three and a half months I was finally on the speedboard again.

nice day at La Rouet, although the wind didn't sowhed up as expected. 

Not enough for my small gear, so sailed all the day with 54 and 6.2. Which was ok but not really fully powered up. Missed my 50er Speedboard when it became a bit choppy in the afternoon. 

Always great to be at this amazing place with so many speed additcs.  

Congrats to Rainer who was really flying to day and pushin a lot. Nice lesson!

nice day with friends and sun.

in de winddipjes ook gevaren FMX 94 en 6.1m

You win some, you lose some...

Was not my day. First there was next to no wind, did some runs with JP50 & 5.6m² but that was nothing and just costs energy.

Later there was some more wind, very broad lots of chop and so irregular, pffftttt, tried on jp45 and did the best run. But the wind decreased again and runs were only high 60's. Than Peps told me to take the jp50 and 5,1 "peut-être tu serais surpris par ça" he told me, and yes, I got a 70 run with it. But the power in me was gone, could'nt hold the boom anymore...

In the afternoon, to top it, sandbanks where building by a channel that appeared because there is so much water on the beach it searched its way to sea, there's a huge current in that channel and tons of sand were dragged  into the water, spreading to build nice sandbanks :( Was very tricky.

Anyway, again a nice day, with lots of friends, good to see some Luderitz riders for training.