Results of the day
1Jim Crossley34.36
2Simon Pettifer33.93
3Patrick Van Hoof33.65
4Will Trossell33.23
5Michael George32.69
6Mark Newman31.94
7John Oliver31.36
8Adrian Wallis31.07
9Shemi Adams31.01
10Neven Juretic30.69
11George Fulton30.1
12Robin Russell29.28
13Phil Lewin28.14

Speedweek Wednesday


Second day of Weymouth speed week. I felt much more dialled in today and the starboard course was potentially better but it was hard finding wind all the way down the course. Managed to hook up one gust all the way down - felt good! had to leave early so hope i didnt miss too much

Gusty Day


Today was hard work but I think that I sailed better than the previous days during speed week.

Just two more days for the body to hold together!

Should have got out in the am!

Underpowered with 6.4 but new 7.0 crash damaged & old 7.0 has 2 broken battens!

BIg Lulls down course. Slalom 7.0m may have worked better

Second day out at Weymouth Speed Week. Getting faster and slightly more tuned

Not a great day as wind was very gusty.  Feeling tired for sailing round and round the course so just did a short day.