Results of the day
1Pete Young38.72
2Scotty Stallman38.24
3Mark Newman37.92
4Jim Brake34.75
5Paul Arnold33.07
6George Fulton30.94

210-215 deg.

32-34 k gusting 42 on the harbour wall.


Avg 213deg. Some days it's not all about the speed. For me today was one of these, just nice to out with so many like minded friends and smashing it in windy conditions, most enjoyable.

finally got 33 avg,  hopefully more to come but might take a while

Great afternoon sesh in the harbour, although hard work holding on to the 6.3..

Nice to meet up finally with George and Ian..

Good sailing guys, and well done Paul on your speeds, nice one mate..

Nice evening session, congratulations to Mark Newman and Paul Arnold on your PB's !! Top work !!

Great pbs for the guys well done, shame there's none for me!