Results of the day
1Gunnar Asmussen52.72
2Vincent Valkenaers51.97
3Twan Verseput 51.58
4Bjorn Dunkerbeck50.82
5Pep Bonet50.47
6Oisin van Gelderen49.02
7Christian Arnold47.2
8Raimundo Sala Albert45.5
9Thomas Moldenhauer43.97
10Anne Schindler42.27

Luderitz was spritzin' today :)

Smashed out new PB for 500m, and everything else, and when started to go slower, decided to call it a day before I killed myself doing something stupid.  Better to race another day...

Officially tired now!

Pics and video will be on my fb page: 777windsurf


Super fun day, Im exhausted. The wind was good today at the channel, not super strong but enough for some people to go very fast.

I had some good Max speeds but not good runs on 500 meters...

More when the next winds are back.

Nice day of sailing with super nice vibes on and of the water! 

Struggled a lot in the beginning with the settings of my board to get it flying but small change in the mastrack made a big difference en speeds went directly up and did my fastest times in less good gust that i had before. Should have made that change earlier :P Vmax of 100.6  kmh (54.4 knots) super happy with that!! 

38 AV Board, 5.0m Mach3 severne, 19 Z-Fin= German Speed Record

Getting closer to the WR.... 

nice first day of wind on the chanel

4th day on the canal. PB, peak speed 47,32 kts, still no weight jacket.