Results of the day
1Sander van Huizen39.33
2Leon Dirks38.29
3Gerwin Slingerland38.26
4Patrick Oberlender36.33
5Willem Wolvers35.31
6Jacques Pellen31.93
7Marco Smeele31.85

Earlybird session today. Started with almost the same conditions as last friday. Changed only from cleweye to get more control the rest was the same setup. First run was straight ahead better then the best run from friday:). During the day my runs did get better and better but only my topspeed didn't really increase. Halfway we did try to look how the angle was at HV. During our trip the wind was shifting from angle so actuely we where a bit to late at the spot but I did make my best run over there:)

Next time better. Leon and Gerwin thx for the fun:)

Wat een mooie dag in December lekker met Marco gevaren raggen door de golven . 

not a good day ...

not the predicted wind :-(

to late on the water ... only 1 good run .. the first one .. then wind was off

happy with the numbers of the fastest run


De wind bleef heel lang haaks en daarom maar naar Hompelvoet gevaren. In de tussentijd draaide hij toch inneens en helaas de beste wind gemist. Wel veel lol gehad!