Results of the day
1Markus Emanuelsson45.73
2Robert Stavnas42.01
3David Ståhl27.23

Relly Impressive sessions by Markus and Marcus, Crazy speeds with Swedish record and both personal best, at not optimal angle.
They make it look so easy even in nuclear conditions.
Mayby Robban has a record, we have to investigate his device.

The wind was crazy. I took my old 5.2:
But my sail was very much on/off and It stalled pretty much all the time. It is hard to tell but gusts near 23/25 ms and that sail just wont work anymore.

The mast smashed really hard in to my head in start position, so I got foggy and a bit reserved. Hooked in start did not help against my stall problems.

Smashed the bottom window in a failed start, så with a big hole in the bottom I managed to peak 37.33  But I should have a modern 5.0 this day, maybe 4.7
But this day does not happed every day, so much wind. Boiling water and white fog that looked like snow. But that was waterdrops bursting all over the place. I am happy nobody got injured.

Fun to be there and experiance this and meet up with freinds on water.
I need smaller sail and lift some more deadlift.  :)


sorry for late post 

had no time to post when i came home from this session and then the gps stayd at the office , and after the foil accident i been off from windsurfing nerly all summer

but now i took my time to check the early sessions from 2020 and found this amazing day at hagapark (my home speedspot)

hopfully we get more of this 

we need to use weedfin in this spot ( maybe fastest time ever on weedfin?)