Results of the day
1Brian Rogild37.49
2Søren Kjær34.11
3Anders Valentin31.59
4Pernille Sanderhoff28.37

Epic feeling on my brand new Future Fly Dark Horse 97. So fast and so easy to feel comfortable on <3 combined with my Loftsail Racingblade 6.3 I just couldn't stop smiling :-)

Went to Kiel yesterday to pick up the 2020 Future Fly boards and went on the 107 with Loft sails Racing blade 7,0 today. Really nice compact felling, steady and very good accelleration, liked it.

Improwed the 250M a bit :-) had hoped the wind would settle in to go on the new 97 but to gusty and in the we stopped when there came thunder out in the horisiont.