Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout46.73
2Gunnar Asmussen46.48
3Markus Emanuelsson45.31
4Markus Emanuelsson45.31
5Damien Nico45.31
6Andy Laufer43.73
7Manfred Merle42.19
8Manfred Merle42.19
9Alex van der Meer42.06
10Jean-marc Degrelle41.39
11Christian Bornemann41.06
12Mikkel Asmussen40.84
13Carsten Hanke40.58
14Robin Blondeel40.48
15Wolfgang Lewang40.46
16Wolfgang Lewang40.46
17Johan Huitema39.69
18Kai Kaufmann39.67
19Nico Nouwen38.69
20Koen Onderbeke38.47
21Marco Smeele38.3
22Baard Bendiksen37.73
23Oliver Schaarschmidt37.65
24Oane Kingma37.49
25Andries Keulen37.48
26Raymond Wortel37.11
27Jurgen Verdurmen37.04
28Ferdinand Rikkers36.74
29Pieter Raes36.41
30Paul Morris36.28
31Christoph Deus35.15
32Joris Raes34.85
33Marie-Paule Geldhof34.69
34Bjorn Enqvist34.59
35Klaus Küppenbender32.54
36Gerard Northwood26.86
37Bjorn Enqvist25.44
38Gerard Northwood20.17

blij met vette PR!!!

ka 4.2

Dag 1 op La Franqui, super gevaren met veel wind, wel jammer dak men AVG niet heb kunnen verbeteren... 

once in a while it is just too much, post for the stats...

a lot of people!!! but funny session!

I improved my 10s PB for 0.02 knots! :p

too gusty and underpowered on the evening ,bad luck!

Second session for me in La Franqui...

Again with Christians PD 43, 20 cm Lessacher asym. Finn, but this time with the KA 4.6... which i wanted to use in the DEFI..
Quit ok but I am still not confident with all..

Maybe the PD 48 would have been better...

PB 500, PB 10 sek., PB max Speed, with old Stuff : ), had to do more runs. Nice windy day and a lot of trafic on the water : )

Eerste vaarbare surfdag van onze trip, was erg haaks en om hard te gaan moest je echt van de kant afschieten, dat heb ik maar niet gedaan. Voor mij is het risico te groot. Na wat invaren wel lekker gesurfd.

first session with the Speedblade 5.0; very crowded;

nice trip with Kai, Klaus and Wolfgang to La Franqui

As there was to much wind for me at the beach we tryed the small lake on the other side of the railway. I was usig my wavesail simme blacktip 4,2 Very choppy!!

Way to much wind for me earlier in the day so i did some runs in the afternoon but there wasnt much wind left. So impressed by all that manage to sail in those conditions. Hardcore!

My first really speed session on a real speedboard in my life. Started with a 43cm speedboard, but i liked more PD48.

I was a bit scared with such small boards and so small fins...:.)) I hope i come back soon and do a bit better...

fun day at la franqui

La Franqui on a big day

fun day on water

After a day of unsailable conditions, we arrived quite early on La Franqui beach. Once again, the conditions were best described with one word: nuclear. So for the better part of the day we played the waiting game. Never seen so many windsurfers hoping for less wind, hahaha!

It was already the second half of the afternoon when the wind seemed to ease off a bit and I quickly rigged the 5.6 again, which was still a bit big, but at least I'm feeling confident sailing with it. Managed to get in a few runs (and sail back, no easy feat either!) despite the wind hammering on and on. I had very little control and felt like my feet would come out of the footstraps when slingshotting into the chop, but managed to hold it together.

Then Johan came to me and told me what happened. No clue what he must have done to upset the Tramontane, but when she is angry with you, she's royally pissed. So after that I decided to do one more run in 'damage control' mode and we packed up our stuff to go home.

Despite the unfortunate incident at the end, I had a blast this trip. Many thanks to my travelling companion Johan for letting me tag along and also Ferdinand and Andries for the great atmosphere and coffee ;)! A great trip and awesome to be sailing in these warm, powerfull winds again. Can't wait for the next time!

2nd day at La Franqui. Best day ever. Went out early on my own in massive winds and survived. Wind dropped a knot or 2 later so was out for a great session in the afternoon and managed 38.7kts so quite pleased but still no 40!! One day...... Couldn't believe how the water 'boiled' with the amount of wind.

Great to see some of the fastest guys in the world out on the water as well - boy they are quick.

Quite busy later and great fun. An amazing day and up there withe the Hi-Ho etc.

choppy conditiions


Session 15: One run with the PD39 was ok, rest of the day looking for balance in stances. Then the wind made an end of this horrible day... So we can say: "No light without the dark". W'll be back!

Insane nuclear wind in the morning! Luckily it eased out later in the afternoon so it was more sailable. Very busy but at the same time great atmosphere with Dutchies, Islanders (UK), Germans, our Italian local prince, Spanish and of course the local French sailors.

New PB topspeed on the display with 86.94km/h and only 1 good runs with proper seat! Happy! 
My fastest PB runs of 80.28 doesn't show in the sorftware...? Still very happy with the outcome and worth the crazy drive!

reposte we Ride Leuducate

Another 40 kn+ session. Need more time with the 4,9.

A lot of German Speed and Slalom guys at Franqui. Very crowded.

Training day for my left knee

First day in La Franqui. Need some time get everything dialed in. Had one good run, and made a new PR on 500m. Just need 0.25kn to join the 40kn/500m club...maybe tomorrow.