Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout47.55
2Damien Nico46.08
3Vincent Valkenaers46.07
4Antony Todd44.99
5Robert Hofmann44.94
6Robert Hofmann44.94
7Johan Huitema43.85
8Jean-marc Degrelle42.92
9Dennis De Pauw42.87
10Dirk Hacha41.3
11Laurent Fesquet41.28
12Guillaume Piedfert41.14
13Koen Onderbeke40.98
14Rémi Kurz40.95
15Nico Nouwen40.9
16Jurgen Verdurmen40.76
17Nils Bach40.72
18Nils Bach40.72
19Eric Lemire39.78
20Patrick Depoorter39.21
21Andre Lancel38.17
22Tjerk Baan Hofman37.34
23Patrick Driesen37.17
24Marie-Paule Geldhof36.99
25Edwin Roestenburg36.97

Day 2: LF at its best: strong winds, bit broad and flat! Time for the long awaited first session with the Loft Speedblade 5.4, which could catch for me in extremis.

Part 1:The gusts till 50 knots were too hard for me to sail in full control. After a few runs decided to wait a bit.

Part 2 : with the same strong base wind (30-35 knts), but less harsh gusts (and also a better trim), the speeds went up. The SpeedBlade 5.4 is a sail that gives you the time to "install" and gives tons of confidence. Maybe I could have pushed a bit harder during slingshotting (do we grow old?), but full trottle flying along the coastline felt fantastic (with a 500m PB as a bonus). Time to refuel.

Part 3: The wind had decreased noticeably, better speeds were no longer possible. But with such circumstances, it was a sin to stop to early.

Congrats to everyone with PB's, especially to the youngster Dennis and the oldster Koen ( ik dacht al dat ik van je af was ;-) )

Today was the day !

Arrived at the beach, with Dirk and Pat, around 9 pm. Rigged my smallest set and went for it. BAM! 79+ avg and peaked 3 times +87km/u !!

I’m pretty proud off this result still aging 19 years old, using an 7 years old sail (with a third camber batten I broke during my first upwind run) and my 86,5kgs bodyweight (didn’t use any weight).

I’m now 4th in the 2’' Belgian All time ranking and 5th on average (including Lüderitz).

I also have a PR on the 500m and the nautical mile. Tried 2 miles and the second one was just 100m too short, but I had a 1,5km of 69,2km/u. I’m sure +71 km/u is possible.

My gear worked perfect, the sail was always stable, the Sonntag is fast and gives a lot of confidence and the JP45 is just a rocket ;-)

Congrats to everyone with a PR, and also everyone who sailed in these conditions. Water was flat but the gusts were pretty hard (measured 48 knts).

I also want to thank my dad for supporting me the past 10 years in the best sport ever ;-)


Sessie 28: Reposted; thanks to ICT-expert Oane Kingma -  Er zijn wat kilometers gemaakt, materiaal versleten, mens en machine getest maar uiteindelijk de 80 km per uur doorbroken!! Zeer tevreden over het materiaal, thanks to everybody for a good time at the beach! :-)

Repost Weride speed challenge


A day with a lot of happy people ,so many PBs and big performers from Jacq VDH vincent  V nico D andre l patrickat and my Koen who hat the day of his Life!!!Nice !!

congrats to all of you for your amazing speeds!!

me? I gonna go back to beer and playstation....

kom en beetje in vorm.

pr mijl   ;

pr gemidelde.

pr top 2 sec eindelijk boven de 40 knopen.

beste runs waren met 45 knopen wind

verry nice session again a big pb super stoked thanks to al the sponsers jp, neilpryde, zfins ,harlekijn, pacific boardshop 

thnx to jacq for helping me al the time. love speedwindsurfing 


I can't explain how emotional and happy i am 

repost we rtde cup

Good day @LF!

PB 2s; 10s, avg 5x10s;

Display showed 79,20km/h, still 78,64km/h 2s. Very happy with that!

I like the Speedblade 5.4m² 2016, had to get used to it 2 or 3 sessions before it worked, but now I'm stoked about the sail.

The Z-Delta 21 sym is just the best fin I ever had.

Repost for German Speed King. Now Top 10 2016 !

WOW...smoked al my PR's today!! Good day at La Franqui.. I think I start to understand something about Speedsailing! Fastest ever 5x10 sec of an ITALIAN sailor!! Happy.. 500 m 44.54 - 10 sec 46.79!! Top Speed almost 48 kn!!

Perfect day today for me, very happy with my new PBs, good control with the 5,0. Did only one good slingshot in the end to get a 43,67 knots peak on the display


Good come back on the run two and a half months after my crash.

Dag 2 LF

Snoeiharde wind en in de voormiddag zeer ruim. 40 tot 48 knopen. Twee maal geprobeerd maar dit waren geen omstandigheden voor mijn lichtgewicht! Een paar uur aan de kant van het spektakel genoten van de andere speedies en in de namiddag nog eens een poging ondernomen.

Maar de psychologische rem zat er nog steeds flink op!

Echt een sterk ondermaatse LF dag voor mij.