Results of the day
1Andy Laufer47.13
2Twan Verseput 45.41
3Christophe Peyrouse43.96
4Jean-marc Degrelle43.29
5Brian Rogild42.93
6Damien Nico42.87
7Tom De Pauw42.5
8Christian Arnold42.16
9Fred Durozo41.62
10Laurent Fesquet40.89
11Edwin Roestenburg40.33
12Laurent Paya39.91
13Tjerk Baan Hofman39.85
14Fabian Crombeen39.42
15Benjamin Verdin38.86
16Dirk Hacha38.28
17Xavier Le Saux38.1
18Arnold Agema37.76
19Arnold Agema37.76
20Anton J. Geesink37.63
21Alex Sharp36.84
22Virgil Conan33.12

LF day 1:

Square, violent wind, didn't dare to do slingshots, too tricky for me.

Nice to see the pro-speedsurfers doing massive slingshots an a pro-swimmer coming back to the shore :-)

Nr vmax !!! good session with the team W44

Quite some wind today. Used max weight (15kgs) but even then I was probably one of the lightest ones on the water with 5.x which was more then big enough ;-) Square conditions but flat water, so bearing off to search for speeds. Didn't want to take the risk to go all the way, because I shouldn't be here in the first place: I was on duty between 2 flights and wouldn't take the risk cancelling the flight because of a injured captain ;-) So 10sec a bit disappointed but happy to see 80.42 on the display (that's been a while...). @Tom: nice speeds buddy

Special thanks to Fabian Crombeen to bring my gear all the way from Belgium and to Tom and Dirk to bring it back (hopefully :-)) later on this week.

Twan and Andy were really flying: insane speeds !!


Great to be back for some days of cruising on the nicest surfspot of Western Europe !

Happy to improve my maximum speed 2".

Due to too much violent wind (for me) and a loss of confidence after a 20" swim in open sea I coudn't improve my avg anymore.

No stress.


Reprise du speed, dernière session le 17/08/2018 ... 


soit un bail 

very beautiful session this evening , perfect flat water , I needed more gusts to do faster , but happy with my little improvement for average !

NEED MORE !! :p 

Made my first 50 knots peak today, what a nice felling. Did struggle so much with the conditions, after a lot of trimming, it was much better and speed slowly came up. Did 2 good runs and second was 50.24. Then not much juice left on the watch so missed the last runs with better 10S, when it turned off. Next time I remember to bring the cable in the car:-).


Fantastic day fantastic conditions,unfortunatly 70 liter was to big.

Super nice day!! Smashed my max open water speed with a lot, congrats to Andy he was flying on his new gear in these square courses!

What a day. Broke all my open water records. Wind was pretty square but suuuuper flat. Got faster and faster during the day. 1st. session with 5.6 on wich I broke the 50kn open water barrier 1st. Then switched to 5.2 and got even faster. It even feels like I can go faster, much faster here in La Franqui. Slightly better angle would be perfect. Will see next time. Suuuuper happy with my new stuff, 3 knots faster than before!

Vannacht aangekomen voor de Defi.In de bus geslapen eenmaal wakker naal LF gereden want ik kon mijn onderkomen nog niet in en in Gruissan was het heel druk met vliegers van de Defi-Kite.

Was snel moe , heerlijke harde wind, netjes langs het kantje gebleven :-)

Een hoop toppers vandaag op LF  ( reken ik mezelf niet eens mee)

Harde wind op LF, beetje te hard eigenlijk voor mji qua conditie en risico, twee keer op zee gezwommen, pijp goed leeg. Toch wat runnetjes kunnen plaatsen maar man man wat een poeier, de run in gaat wel maar daarna... ugh..