Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers46.21
2Damien Nico43.98
3Nico Nouwen41.62
4Christophe Peyrouse41.39
5Wolfgang Lewang41.06
6Klaus Küppenbender40.78
7Koen Onderbeke39.85
8Jean-marc Degrelle39.62
9Marie-Paule Geldhof38.68

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Repost by Timekeeper - tracked checked and ok 

I arrived at 18h30 a little bit late...but I try my new Zfin's for the first time and It seams work very good. Hope to have a new good session soon !!

just 1 run, the first 

super dagje morning falcon 90 and avg of 62 and than the wind came:)

a nice posting for the we ride cup

it was really a very easy speedsession for me

congr to our Vince who is really amazing and the germans Wolfie and Kuppie

btw a better alfa than Vinnie  boe Vinnie Boe :-)





swim session in the morning turned out to a pb session in the afternoon nice pr on 500, NM and avg stoked evriting was working so goed thnx to jpaustralia, neilpryde, Zfins, windsurfcandy,pacificboardshop and harlekijn to make it possible.

fastes NM evver saild by a belgium guy. 

kheb er alles moeten uitpersen om voor mijn schatje te zijn ;-)

bad feelings in shitty winds !

Nice record day with Wolfgang , Vincent, Koen und Marie


new PB on the nautical mile. Congratulation to Klaus  and Vincent for there PB s