Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers45.52
2Gautier Bourgeois42.45
3Robin Blondeel42.39
4Koen Onderbeke38.13
5Marco Smeele37.27
6Gerard ten Berge36.4
7Gerard ten Berge36.36
8Gerard ten Berge36.11
9Laurent Paya35.53
10Alberto Fontanive35.3
11Rozzoni Cristiano35.27
12Marie-Paule Geldhof34.91

met Robin een mijlke gesurft, jawadde :-)


Feels good to be back on the speed run! Especially at La franqui, on a perfect summer day of tramontana!

Very good feeling with the new tribal asy speed 20 and 21cm and Ka Speed 5.2 and 5.7

See you soon on the water

Gautier - 665

Nice direction with flat water and occasionally incoming swell. To bad the wind didn't last that long. 

Sailed the mile on the speed53 with 6.3.


nice session hard to find a good part on the strip lots of incoming waves 

Top late for have right wind and free kites strip