Results of the day
1John Skye33.64
2Kai Kaufmann33.41
3John Skye23.51

The mission continues with the foil, but still miles away. Today felt quicker, but still cant fully hold the power downwind. Little by little its feeling more comfortable going fast, so I guess the speeds will come. Broke all my foil records I think, but that is not saying much.

Totally overpowered on 7.8, but sail was surprisingly controllable. I seemed to top out on the speed runs though and couldnt seem to get past 34 until right at the end in a massive gust. I think I beat Kai by about 0.1 on every single measure, so satisfying.


wind was super east and super gusty...

john was in everything 0,2 faster....for sure it was the new sail :-))))