Results of the day
1Stephen Squirrell23.42

Saturday 25th June - Windsurf **** - The Dip at Felixstowe – sunny periods.

 Fin – 24.98 knot max, 23.42 knot ave., 14.98 knot hour, 19.58 knot mile, 55.89 km., 14.32 knot alpha.

F2 282 Ride with Tushingham Vulcan 6m and 36 fin.

Another good day on the water, again giving time for the tide to drop and the wind build I went to the Dip around expecting to longboard again as it was looking marginal to shortboard. Paul and mark were already there along with 8 kiters further along and it was windier than expected gusting over 20 knots so shortboards were soon on the beach, I rigged 6, Mark 6.2 and Paul 5.6 which proved OK for most of the session. With the wind from the south, it makes for some interesting sea conditions with the River Deben making it quite big close in but there was a good section out past the end of the shingle bar. After a few runs to check out the conditions especially the tide which was still going out, so it was wind with tide but staying upwind was no problem so had a run to the back of the shingle bar. Sadly, the water was no smoother there as the river whizzes out through gaps in the shingle bar chopping it up! So, I beat and stayed in front of the launch but still doing fairly long runs out, nothing fast as too lumpy but good fun none the less, could have done with a little more sunshine though! Getting tired I came in for a drink and snack, also took a few pics, nothing great as dull and the wind seemed to have eased a little, Paul even changed to a bigger board just as Nick arrived from a kiting session with his wave kit. I nearly didn’t bother going out again but was tempted to try, wobbling through the rough stuff I found the breeze again with some half decent waves at the end of the shingle bar and tried bearing off across Bawsdsey Bay which can be really good but with the tide now against the wind it really did get messy but at least the sun came out and I managed another 12 or so miles before finally calling it a day. Mark was lucky as the nut came off on his new chinook hinged uj, the second one I have known came undone, not great:( So a good afternoon with a nice bunch of windsurfers with even more wind tomorrow but not sure what to do yet???