Results of the day
1Alexandros Petikidis40.03
2Minos Efstathiadis39.41
3Thomopoulos Dinos38.12
4Konstantinos Dimopoulos37.9
5Kostas Laliotis35.4
6George Papagiannakis34.72
7George Papagiannakis34.13
8Spiros Chouliaras31.13
9Stephanos Grapsas30.85

Oulala! Crazy session after one and a half year with no wind in the spot !

All the team on board and full of happy choppy faces :)

6,4 was a bit too much ;)

next stop Karpathos 

At last some wind!

Μπραβο σε οσους μπηκαν στο νερο.

Δεν ηταν ευκολο.