Results of the day
1Dennis Klaaijsen37.81
2Floris Wondergem37.51
3Markus Emanuelsson36.94
4Garry Connell35.24
5Fred Durozo34.41
6Karl Gunér32.71
7Dean Hutchinson31.97
8Erik Larsson31.77
9Erik Larsson31.75
10Andy Hart31.68
11Andy Hart31.5
12Anders Bjorkqvist31.48
13Markus Emanuelsson31.25
14Ivo Fellinger30.48
15Virgil Conan30.23
16Joris Buijs29.83
17Pernille Sanderhoff29.22
18Joris Buijs29.17
19Marco Moria28.65
20Jan Joustra27.71
21Max Shytikov27.52
22Merijn Kegel27.32
23Robert Baas26.34
24Anders Bjorkqvist25.09

Before lunch 



Wat een wind, maar goede training voor Defi. Gewoon een Defi race varen plus nog 1 rak. En dan ff rust nemen.

morning session , after we crushed the trailer at the parking lot

Short session after lunch with Erik Larsson and Anders Björkquist 

Full power ??Choppy water

Another windy day here in France. Full power on the 6.0 in the morning at Port la nouvelle, were I set my runs. 

Testing some different sails with the North guys here in gruissan in the afternoon. 

Looks like the afternoon has been good in Port la nouvelle as well.

Hoop wind vandaag. 5,4 is goede maat, maar mis beetje downforce. Mastvioet helemaal voorin en giek op midium hoogte. Vlagen leken wel hammerslagen. Veel getuned om board op het water te houden.

Perfect morning training with Floris towards Port la Nouvelle.

The afternoon session getting there was a hand full when the wind increased gusting up to 45 knots.

Luckily you have two hands!

too much wind in the afternoon

One more dag in paradise

First day of DeFi gear testing.

Learned a lot. Had good moments with the slalom gear until it became too much. Shitty kinda session... no surprise after 1 hour sleep and 13 hour drive through the night ;-)

Looking forward to tomorrow