Results of the day
1Steve Thorp38.38
2Michael George33.98
3Lance Newbery33.73
Good session in the end. Looked much windier to start than it was, should have changed up to the 6.2 really but far too far to walk!
Started on the West course, real slog to get up wind then too broad for the wind strength. Eventually moved to the East course which was better but a bit square, at least it meant some runs and a great improvement on last time!
Fitness gave out in the end, I can barely walk now.
Good to meet Steve and Alex, roll on the next time.

Note to self, must buy a quad bike and a trailer.
Five of us turned up at the Ray (shortly after 6am) and chose sails somewhere around the 5.5m mark. Once out on the water the wind was quick to drop but luckily for us it came back with about 1.5 hours worth of tide remaining. The western course was too broad by that time (wind blowing straight down its length) so we moved to the eastern course where we got some decent runs in.

Only 5 degrees but I didn't really get cold, apart from the blocks of ice on the ends of my legs during one particularly long walk back up into the wind!

Tech Details: Navi GT-31 V1.3 (B1123t), GPSResults v6.71, Doppler, Cubic Spline.
I guess the forecast was pretty spot on this time and it really wasn't that windy, but expected more.
Should definitely have been on the 6.2, other than the light wind the conditions were pretty good and flat.
Fun sail though despite the cold and good to tune the new sail in easy conditions.
Great to meet Lance and Mike, and Alex again.