Results of the day
1Peter de Wit36.6
2Johnny Tuijn36.26
3Erik Loots35.71
4Jan Wolters34.02
5Marcel Braas33.39
6Erik Schram32.49
7Gauke de Vries32.06
Lago di amstel was still there :-)
I hope the others did succeed to sail in the gusts, I ran out of wind too many times

Lekker gevaren.
Moeilijk om vlak water te vinden met voldoende wind.
Later werd 7 te groot.
What a nice session, good to see a 70km/h again on the display. Had a big smile, but the session was not all fun... Crashed into a bunch of roots at 30% off my session, in the end I saw my trailling edge at top was like a flap on an airplane, for 8mm...

Secondly my beautyfull GT-31 stopped quite early, it simply jammed like all my GT31 did, soo have to send this one back....... And my GT-11 was on low-battery, my 3th last run was 68.2kmh, my second last was no wind.. The last one was again superfast but the DAMN GT-11 was empty. I should know better ;)

Onshore my falcon 79 showed me some new cracks in the bottom (just next to the repair). I hope this is guaranty. 

Still smiling because it was such a nice windsurfing day, can't wait to do another one tommorow :). The falcon 91 has to do some more TOW than usual...

Johnny you did great with that 69,4kmh run, really good!!!!!!
waren lastige omstandigheden
je moest je laten afschieten de chop in,en dan hopen dat vlaag lang genoeg was voor 10 sec.
had dit 2 maal
maar kan 1 run van 69.5 niet terugvinden in software
ondanks dit erg tevreden
wel spierpijn van het vol ruim door de chop
de monoconcaaf is dan niet fijn voor je kuit- en beenspieren
Begonnen met de falcon 80, maar de wind kakte een beetje in, toen de ab plus 95 eronder, en je raadt het al, de wind nam toe.
Tevreden met de topspeed, niet met het gemiddelde, maar dit kwam omdat ik geen zin had om een forward te maken a la Peter de Wit !!
5.0 would have been ok too... Possibly faster. Fin was a bit small, but it did help me to keep control. Thanks for borrowing the Caspar Peter! 

New best for the Amstelmeer!
late post, heb weer internet