Results of the day
1Tim Hemer33.15
2Merena Raebel32.28

Day trip to LG.

I was planning on heading to the spit but there seemed to be decent wind near the 5-mile launch so I sailied there and saved another 1.5hrs on my journey.  First time on the CA SL 87 and it felt nice; similar to my old FF89 which I loved.  I also used a proto fin I laid up 36 hours before which seemed to work well in the conditions. I headed out through the chop and found some flat water on the other side, but also found the bottom and snapped the tip of the cross batten on the 6.9. The tip was flapping behind the boom and I lost some stability with the lack of tension so I came in and changed to a 6.1 after a few runs. I thought I was leaving a nice buffer to the ultra shallow water but it was a bit hard to read the water state initially because there wasn't really any weed this year.  I headed back to the launch area but there wasn't any decent wind down the run and I was left in the straght up oversheeted pose.  I didn't want to damage myself or my gear so I did'nt risk sailing up where the others were in ankle deep water.  I definately prefer weed for my flat water and not touching limestone! Fingers crossed the weed is back next year! Any sailing beats work!