Results of the day
1Robin Blondeel36.64
2Jeroen Steenaard35.95
3Andreas Mater31.09
4Bob Aarts29.17

Tom started 30' before Jeroen S and me. Never saw him on the wather only to find out afterwards that he had a broken mast and I passed him without noticing. Luckily he got the help he needed and got back safe! 

Windmachine started around 17h and with the angle, the best speeds where on the western dams of hompelvoet. It was catching gusts and bear off in the chop. 

First water for EVO XV 6.5, nice! Angle was a bit broad for Hompelvoet but still a very enjoyable session with Robin.

Had gehoopt dat de wind meer Noord zou zijn. Geweldige dag gehad met 100 + km's Aan het einde van de middag draaide de wind naar West waardoor het zeer lastig was om terug te komen.