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1Erik Loots35.45
Today was very very very nice. Sunny and definitly not cold.

Picked up my ReflexII sails. Soo it was exciting stuff for me, rigged it according to settings and it also looked pretty good. Only put some tension on all reflex-tensioners, and go surfing. I am happy the sails still gives the same feeling on water and acceleration is great. Severne Reflex 2011 the materials look even better/ higher quality and some inforcements on critical places.

Also something to be said about the Futura 93 which functioned now really well with the SL-S Rev2, yeah you read it right the Sonntag SL-S evolution :). I think the small changes work  for a bigger sweetspot, which results in the fastest speedrun I have ever done with 34cm fin (but maybe this was just lucky). Definitly need to do some more testing to be sure :)

Happy boy here