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Results of the day
1Alain De Gendt31.49
2Marco Bal30.31
3Ben Vanderick29.68
4Raymond Wortel29.58
5Marco Bal29.42
6Marco Bal29.04
7Danny Gevers29.01
8Danny Gevers29.01
9Bob van de Voorde29
10David Van der Veken28.96
11Benjamin Verdin28.89
12Herman Maes27.68
13Pascal Pourbaix27.42
14Johan Lemmens27.33
15Dirk Hacha27.23

heat 1 of the belgian speedweek on the lake of La Nautique.

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The day didn't start well for me. My 460 select mast collapsed when preparing my 7.5 Mega XS. Suddenly PANG. So the largest race-sail I could use, was the 6.3 The wind was increasing, so they were planning for a first official speed-race in the chop of the Lac La Nautique. I still had a freerace sail (Loft O2 7.4) from 2006 which I rigged on a North Sting C50 mast to start the race. Luckily the wind increased even more and I could change to my Falcon SL80 together with the 6.3. The 6.9 was maybe better, but this one goes also on the 460 mast.

Most of the time there was a winddrop in the middle of the 500m course. I also had to sail +2 km upwind after the finish line to be able to come back to the start line.

On the mixed (international ranking) I made a 20th place out of 40, so I am very happy with this result knowing that this is my first competition and the 6.3 was a little to small for a descent run. Minimum 25% of the participants needs a +27kts AVG on the 500m run to have a valid race. Around 50% of the riders did an AVG of 27kts or more.

Hopefully there will be another race tomorrow or friday. 

Racing day!

Board should have been bigger because there was a place with a windhole..
Nevertheless had fun on the 500 m "speed" course.

I think a have never did so much km as today.

Gestart met sonic 125 en SL7 39. Veel te lang mee blijven doorvaren blush. UIteindelijk; veel te laat de TB 62 genomen (wind was al terug aan het afzwakken). Beste tijden buiten de baan gevaren, pech bij de windloterij in de baan.

2 track. same day, some stuff.

Belgian speedcontest.

Ended up 7th place, 1st dutch!

BK Speed 2011.

Leuke surfnamiddag op La Nautique.

Zeil te klein en verkeerde board voor goeie speeds.

Misschien toch wat investeren in een 7.8 en een grote slalom.

3 hours race, first I used X-Fire 90 V1 with Racing Blade Loft 7,8m². then wind picked up and I neede to rig a size smaller. So I switched to X-Fire 80 V2 and Racing Blade 7,0m². because you simply needed to take the gusts, I tried to do a lot of run.

Check the pic on the RRD-Belgium website.