Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel45.75
2Hans Kreisel45.74
3Jurjen van der Noord44.16
4Dirk Jan Knol35.65
5Dylan de Jong30.58
6Jan Wolters25.63
7Benjamin Verdin16.24

EPIC conditions... Smoking water. 

Shame I could only do two runs, and actually those were irresponsible. So much wind, not only the gusts, but the base wind. A few near-accidents, some people had to be saved from the water.

Struggling to walk with the kit. But very happy, this shows me a 77 average wil be no problem. A shame it didn't happen today, only if the wind would have dropped about 4 knots...

Very very happy with the results nevertheless.

Jammer genoeg, werd het een beetje te onstuimig naar 3 runsfrown

Jurjen en Hans gefeliciteerd met de Pr,s

Mooie snelheden mannen. Jan, super runs man. Jan en Dirk  jammer dat je er een paar te kort komt. Ben benieuwd wat Hansel gevaren heeft.


Proficiat!!! De grafiek kan de snelste 10 sec van Jurjen niet eens tonen! De stipjes van Hans zullen mogelijk ook boven het bereik uitkomen.

Blue Steel !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epic day had real trouble getting to the brace on time allmost cost me my job but couldn't let this day go bye.

first run was really nice but when i looked on the screen F(*&^*^()*^forgot to put my gpss on luckely i could make six more runs because we didn't have a lot of time.

the angle was getting better with the minut but also chop in the beginning was increasing had to abort a few runs because i couldn't get downwind. 5.0  would have been enough because i couldn't close the gap a few times. Could only get one more run in at the end 2 spin-outs in the beginning but got a small decreasing in the wind and could get it back lock in and enjoy the strong gusts was totally stoked when i saw the 49,5knots max i'm so close to 50 now.


Respect to Jan with his speeds just amazing with his weight  .

Jurjen great run respect you could get another one in ! Maybe i shouldn't help you next time ur fast mate 

Zeker Respect Jan ! Hier op de gouwzee was het niet te doen in de chop.

Vandaag vanuit Belgie een dagje op wandelvakantie naar The Brace.

Slechts 1 dom ding gedaan, namelijk de hele tijd een windsurftuig achter me aan gesleept. Heb ik eigenlijk helemaal niet nodig gehad.

Misschien 100m van de aanloop naar het vlakke gedeelte kunnen surfen, maar me niet ruim kunnen/durven gooien.  Dus ben ik aan de kant dan maar op mijn materiaal gaan liggen.

Dat het voor meer dan 1 Hollandse (sub)topper ook teveel van het goede was, was wel een kleine troost, Morgen dus toch maar weer op dat plankje kruipen :-).

Verder veel geleerd en respect voor iedereen die zelfs maar een halve run heeft gedaan in deze omstandigheden.

Leuke en lekkere afsluiter in de Vliegende Zeilen...euh Wielen. Weer wat sympathieke kerels leren kennen. 

Well deserved congratulations to Jurjen and obviously Hans! A new Dutch record for him, so it seems. Jurjen showed magnificent style with perfect control. Hans was taking a little more risk and held onto his upright style which makes his set fly. In the end it brought him the best run of the day and a new Dutch Record.

It would have been disappointing for me as it was a perfect day to go for personal best speeds, but I felt at ease with my decision not to go for it . I sailed out to the bank one time, only to notice my fin was too small. The wind was incredibly strong and I realized I wouldn't stand a chance if I would fall and loose my set. My arm doesn't bother me at all anymore while sailing but iI can still only move it a little which makes I can only swim frogstyle. Crawling is out of the question and I would simply endanger others or loose my set and potentially my life. When I got to the shore It noticed Jurjen nearly lost his set and then I felt certain and decided not to wait for the wind to settle down and walk the walk of shame back to the shore. Afterwards Gerlof told me he had swum for half an hour and I felt happy I walked out of the batllezone. Listening to my body was the only right decision this time and even if tit hurst it's reassuring to notice I've got at least one braincell left....Perhaps that braincell gave me the chance to go for another try when the time comes if the youngsters haven't overtaken me completely by that time.

All in all it was a great and humbling experience.


 Hans, klasse !! 50 knopen komt dichtbij !! Ook top gevaren Jurjen, vooral die ene run ! ben benieuwd naar de tip !!

Jammer Dirk, maar zo voorkom je wel brokken/ongelukken.

Super sonisch Hansiewink



Did some distance today: 600 km !!..........................with the car ;-)

I was ready to go at my homespot (oesterdam) where the low tide came in around 10:30 am, when Dirk Hacha (teammember gpstc) came by and convinced me to go to The Brace. So packing everything in again and off we go. 210-230° and 30-40 kts was an ideal situation to explore The Brace for the first time, isn't it? Ready to pimp our topspeeds !! :-)

Luckily no traffic jams and we arrived well before low tide. Martin was already fully prepared (with 5.0) and the wind was already increasing. Prepared my TR 4.7; I had also the TR 4.3 in the car :-(  and added 4.5 kg of weight.

In a timespan of an hour, alot of other top speeders arrived at the spot. Most were 'sailing' (read: 'had prepared') 5.0-5.7, but all the riders were at least 20 kgs heavier then my featherweight of 73 kg (except for Jan). The way to the the speedstrip (mudsurfing) was the easiest part of the day. As soon as possible (5cm of water), Jurjen jumped on his board (without fin) to get to the water asap without losing too much energy. There it was already obvious, that he was waiting for that kind of day !!

Counted 15 people in/around/under the water, and only 2 did (at least) 5 valid runs !! And when you see the elite class having trouble in the transition between the course facing the sandbank  and the downind run along the sandbank, you know it's not a shame when you never succeeded a single run. I went out to the 'start' 2 times and tried 2 times to start my run. Heavy chop, but controllable, but then... When you reach the sandbank (angle ard 70°) you have to make and extreme turn (70°) and fly over the high chop (white foam) while accelerating as hell. I never had the balls to do so, so I went back upwind to try again. My fantastic topspeed of 51 km/hr was even done halfway between start and sandbank, in fact this was already insane knowing the conditions...

The only one I saw totally in control of all (or at least the ones I witnessed) his runs, was Jurjen. It seemed so easy for him, as he had done this a dozen times... He also didn't take alot of time to ease down, the red Reflex sail was the sail I've seen most of the time. All the other were, or on the beach, or at the starting point waiting for a few knots less...) I also witnessed one run of Jan and I must say: Jaleous !! Even 8 kg lighter then myself (dunno if he had extra weight) with the same board and almost same sailsize (4.6 iso 4.7) and, ok it was maybe not the nicest run to see, but hey, he did it (even twice)!!! And seeing Blue Steel going crazy is always nice to see !! Congrats Hans, you haven't reached your limit yet, that's for sure !!

Maybe I didn't go close enough to the shore before trying to go downwind. When you do so, the chop is off course alot less then 15-20 m from the shore (where I tried to go downwind). But afterwards it's always easy to find an explanation... I was dreaming of the 80+ when walking to the strip, now i'm still dreaming... The thruth is, that 15 good to very good surfers were present and alot of them didn't succeed to do a single run. It was just TOO MUCH TO HANDLE for most of us. This was absolutely not the predicted wind. The angle was perfect for record conditions, but 5-10 kts less was better for us to explore the spot for the first time.

I always post every session, even when it's a total disaster and together with the fact that this is most probably the first Belgian (posted) session @ The Brace makes this posting some sense to me...

Had my Go Pro on my helmet, but it seems that even for the camera the wind was to strong, because I lost almost 80% of the data on the SD-card... Strange !! Hopefully Jurjen has some nice video footage from this epic day !!

After the horrible way back, enjoyed a well deserved meal with 6 Dutch speedies before going back to the south.

Thanks guys for the nice day/tips/talks

Boeiend verslag Benjamin!

A little video about that epic day at The Brace. Not much action due to data loss =>

Record session posted by Timekeeper.

too much wind for the 5.5. In the tityh run I got a spinout and decided to quit...too dangerous. respect for Jurjen and Hans!!!