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1Paul Simmons41.59

Good day and very good call by Bob C, who should be posting a Devon waters record today! After my first few runs it was incredibly easy (not very windy) making 10s runs of 40+ and I told Bob I thought if I could sail at these speeds this easily this has good potential for the fast guys to go really fast. Bob went on to prove it! My fastest run was dead comfy but as I went back craving more, the tide started coming in and I started to tire. 

Sailing at 40+knots 2m upwind of a channel marker post is not advisable, glad my big spin out & crash was nowhere near. Bob was quite sensible bearing off to head outside it.

The potential of this place has been realised and nice to see a 45 on the screen. Hungry for more now. WNW is the perfect angle, the local topgraphy means although a bit gusty, it's not too bad.

Wind jacked up to about 50kts for our journey back upwind to the launch spot. Finished me off!  Snake (Simon Thompson) unlucky breaking a fin heading out then missing the best of it., better luck next time. Thanks Bob for the cakes afterwards!