Results of the day
1Anders Bringdal50.78
2Antoine Albeau50.49
3Cedric Bordes49.99
4Patrik Diethelm49.95
5Nick Vardalachos48.97
6Jurjen van der Noord48.22
7Matthias Rottcher46.94
8Farrel O Shea46.89
9Christian Bornemann45.72
10Christian Benzing45.28
11Zara Davis44.98
12Jan Hendrik de Bruin40.36

First speedday at Luderitz. The canal is very good and delivered big time today with a new world record for antoine. It was a close battle between him, Anders and Cedric. i was nowhere near. But is was my first day here, learned a lot and know now what to do and which equipment to take. Friday and saturday will be good days again. Hopefully i will do better then.

A great day in windsurfing history and i was right on the spot, have been driving all day with our 4x4 all speedsurfers back to the starting line and watched the fierce battles between the pro's. After the canal was closes i did a few runs on the gear from Jurjen, canal is really good as you can see, after the 4th run the wind died out and we called it a day. Now working on the mac with some pictures and video's to upload...


I'm so proud on this sport and to be a part of it !!!!

First try of the start it was not windy at all, i was completely underpowered....then it got windy at last and got many runs....

tried the board, sail and the fin for the first time.....

hopefully more happy days to come...

congratulations to Anders and Antoine for the insane speeds.


Cheers Niko!!!! Ipies aima me to kalamaki tou frape..... And its just the start!!! 

Epic day, very happy with my Vmax. and the 10 seconds

unfortunately some lulls on the 500 m

great performance of Christian Benzing, congratulations

Bravo Niko to perimename me agonia


Gefeliciteerd met je PR. JH. Jurjen je komt vanzelf in de buurt van de boys. Gewoon gedult en er vol voor gaan.

Eipame na xeseis alla esy xekolothikes!!!!!


CONGRATULATIONS RE THIRIO!!!!!! Pernas sthn istoria!!!! (kai mas kaneis nanous:()

Nice Jurjen, knowledge is powah! Smoke 'em on saturday!!

@JH: making the best of the trip ey!? ;)

Great news and bad news I broke the womens world record again with a an amazing 500m run of 44.69 knots. But on the last run of the day 1 fell past the finish line and was caught by a gust and hit the mast hard and had to be taken to hospital for 7 stiches. It was a great day and  I am fine and will be back for the next  session on Sat. when I hope to go faster!!!


Really happy to finaly do 50kts !!!!


Thanks to:

RRD / Neilpryde / Quiksilver / Ford Autovital / Sosh Orange / Ile de Re / Groupe Rhinos / Garmin


comments later.

Awesome day!!!

Hi guys,

Great day here in Luderitz, everybody was flying... New comers got wet and Nico managed to get past Finians time!!!

On my side my Mistral production 41 cm ( sorry it is logged in as 42) has again delivered.

My Gasoil keeps me safe. And my New NP evo 5,8 is pulling Pulling like mad... Not much else to say. Thanks Chris Lockwood for the board and Thanks Robert for the sail and thanks Philippe for the fin. They all rock!!!!

Super, congratz everybody on these incredible speeds! :-)


Thx for posting!

New German Record I am so happy.

SUPER congrats to all the riders, massive!

Super day.

Session time dots in the Gold membership graph cheekywinksmileycheeky almost all dots are invisable....amazing!!!!

Would love to give this course a trycool



A great day for speedsurfing; up to the 54 knots!! (100 km/h)


BRAVO !!!!!! BRAVO !!!!!!!!


xsaderfako to pires to xryso ! .. anarotieme posa xronia tha meinei ayto kremasmeno ston toixo sou.. mallon gia panta ! amma gyriseis soyxo doro ekplixi ! Συγχαρητηρια φιλε μου !   ( ..αλλοι κανουν speed sto Luderitz και αλλοι στο Λουτσεριτζ..)

Great results !

And special congrats to Anders on a mistral production board. Mistral was my favorite brand for many years and then disappeared from Belgium & Holland. Maybe it will make a comeback now ? 

Anders thought it was so nice, so he posted it twice xD