Results of the day
1Ian Richards41.04
2Jim Crossley39.06
3Matthew York35.88
4Stephen Squirrell35.48

Had the intention of taking big kit in the morning and changing down later as the wind arrived.  The walk was just too far!  Never really nailed it today.  Could have got much better data on a smaller board. Pleased to get pb mile and alpha but mile could have been so much better if after about 200m I smashed about 10mm off the tip of the fin on its first run then spun out half way down...other than that it included  my peak speed for the day...wonder what it  would have been if I wasn't training bits of carbon  behind me.  Alpha could have been better if I used the full 50m proximity and not 10m!

Had a lot of fun.

Still lots to learn.

Smashed 2 new fins today...but thats Southend!

A nice day at The Ray :) got there far too early as usual !!! but you only have to pay £1 for the hour beteen 9 and 10 thats better than £10 a day in the summer. Nice to meet up with Ian,Jim and Matthew:) sail choice was a nightmare as it always is not wanting to carry the wrong kit miles !!! the wind was supposed to increase from dinner time so everyone rigged 6.2's and me 6.4, the local hope skip and jump sailors were using 4.5 to 5.7. I packed a racksack with drink and snacks and started off on the horrible walk out, I then thought I should take a spare harness line so returned to get one. The walk was just as bad as I remembered !!! but I made it to the water and then headed right as with the southerly wind this was the course we would be sailing. It took over 30 minutes to sail approx. a mile because the wind was fairly light, the reach back was okay but I seemed underpowered :( We tried the bottom course sailing from the pier back but it was slow.I then had 6/7 mile runs and was pleased with my 33.88 mile not brilliant but I could have done with a bit more !! I had one good crash when I met 3 sailors going the other way and their wake made me spin out and I went off the front breaking a harness line :( lucky I had a spare, I also came to grief bearing off into the chop and crashed knocking my sunglasses off and cutting my head - no pain on gain !!! I also cracked the front end of my boom :( was was then wobbly for the rest of the session :( So I was out for over 4 hours and didn't get cold at all and the sun was out most of the time - didn't make 40 kts but had good fun trying - top day - apart from the journey home - the A 12's a nightmare !!!

cracking day at the ray ,2 new pbs for me 500m and a mile ,well happy with that

tried for the 40 but just didnt want to happen this time , was going well though,pb max speed for this spot

great crew great day,even sunny :)

knackered now ,almost 3hrs home

Fun day with Jim, Stephen and Matty, we all had a good few cracks at the NM, it was fairly square conditions and we were making it up to the start in one reach, quite impressed with the speed of the Simmer and W54 as it is quite a big board. 

later on it got breezy and a 50/44 wide board would of been flying but we were all a bit knacked by then.

amazed to get a PB Mile and 500m on a 54 wide board...maybe it was the sail.

Great day as always on the Ray.

Sorry bout the Mile MR TROSSELL LOL...........laugh

You beat me by mere decimals.......what about 500m? I'll be at Southend the next time it's windy and take it back! Lol