Results of the day
1Pete Young38.26
2Matthew Spooner33.46
3Griff Halliwell32.35
4Norman Petty32.2
5Robin Russell31.95
6Matthew Spooner31.54

Finally nudged my 5 x 10 average past 32 knots. Port tack. Max display 33.99

Some nice flat water just before I stopped, maybe I could have had a bigger sail at that moment. Otherwise pretty powered up in squally conditions. A new 500m PB and all other numbers high seem to be coming up against a cieling.

Good start to the year...had a couple of good runs early on, but struggled to repeat them, once the tide dropped and the course became bumpy. Some massive short lived gusts to add to the excitement!  A few the relatively mild conditions.

Good fun - maybe not a fast as I had hoped, but sunny weather and more than 4 hours on the water.