Results of the day
1Ian Richards36.48
2John Kennedy34.33

Day Four of Tramontana and the wind was much lower than the previous days, so I spent time getting the 6.2 dialled in and tried the 30 fin, definitiely not the right fin for me, just not enough upwind ability even at speed but very comfortable on a bear away if not that fast. The 6.2 however dialled in very nicely with quite minimal downhaul compared to what I would normally expect.

I got some good runs in with Ian and really i should have been on the 7.0 or bigger but its such a great location to be blasting along in clear blue water and with the sun overhead. I was goign to try for nm's but there was a fish murderer in the key zone for finishing of a decent nm and towards the end of the session there were some nice waves on the course which meant for some interesting jumps at 30knts :)

Fun day with John, Andrea and Nick playing around with the camera.

Think Nick is having more fun than we are.