Results of the day
1Damien Nico42.89
2Ian Richards41.07
3Peter van Dijk39.95
4Nico Nouwen39.93
5Erno Kaasik39.67
6Olivier Ponrouch37.1

Wind prediction did give more hope for nice speeds. Wind picket up in the afthernoon. But wind angel was most of the time pretty broad. Nice for downwindrun, but pretty choppy. cheeky

For one moment the angel was squire. Tried ones an Alpha and improved it again. smiley

After all a nice day, with some nice speeds.

'Has' to quit early because the Dutch soccerteam has to play.... wink

Had some difficulties to get some constant runs. Nevertheless a very nice day with a new PB on the nautical mile.

First part of afternoon is choppy, but around 17h wind and water is better

Jehhuu, uus rekord tehtud!

No slingshots, was very choppy close to the beach, it got flatter later but the wind was too light. still a nice session and Damien was going well in the rough.

Good speed session with new RRD sails Firewing PB on the Nautical miles