Results of the day
1Damien Nico42.73
2Ian Richards41.81
3Antony Todd40.6
4Peter van Dijk40.41
5Nico Nouwen39.89
6Bjoern Haacke37.16

todays session started off good then the wind picked up later and became too gusty and choppy!

Windy day at La Franqui.

After my first run, I tried a NM. Not so fast as I hoped for.

After 6 runs and a crash, I already stopped. No record day for me, so I didn't take the risk.

Maybe tomorrow?

After work session. When I arrived everybody was from the water due to the very strong wind which was Nord and rolling chop/waves on the course. As only from difficult conditions you learn, I decided to go on the water when the wind was a little less violent. Got two decent runs in and I am quite surprised that in one of them I broke my PB on the 500 m with 0.5 knots

very very hard condition

bumpy and the wind was very North ....


not easy 

Nice Nico for you'r 500m !!!! 

good job nico!!!

damien,you become faster everyday,respect !

Our last day here in La Franqui,been a great trip cycling and windsurfing, see you next year.

super dagje vandaag toch weer een paar pr's super blij met men vin vaart egt zalig.

ni slegt voor de 4 de sessie op het boardje :)


morge weer :)