Results of the day
1Matthew York27.37
2Adam Gustafsson26.85

A nice day, the wind was forecast to be over  20 knots  NNW and although that  didn't turn up, we had a fun few hours in warm water with good company.  I was desperate to use a smaller board than this boat but there was only half an hour or so where it was breezy enough to use the 112. In the end I didn't bother as I couldn't face walking up to get it, although the slalom would  have been good  for  34 or 35 knots today when it was blowing a bit. Had a great crash where  I hit the reef and seaweed pretty hard and I was damn lucky not to total my kit! Big thanks to Paul Baker for carrying my kit up the beach!

nice to sail with Allan cross today at marazion , first time on the ac1 2k14 8.6 ,but felt very controlable in the gusts , smaller sail may have been faster today but just nice being out in cornwall for a blast