Results of the day
1Pete Young33.35
2Stephen Corps32.85
3Patrick Van Hoof31.89
4Simon Pettifer31.88
5Matthew York30.78
6John Oliver29.68
7Adrian Wallis29.23
8John Kennedy28.37
9Steve Thompson27.82
10Robin Russell27.8
11Paul Arnold26.8
12Gary Platt26.65
13Mark Palmer26.6
14Bill Robinson26.37
15Nic Dodd25.8
16Tania Mertens22.92

What a lovely day on the water ! Didn't manage to go faster than the other day, but had a great time ;-)

nice late session after the speed boys finished ,even got to  trying out possable future sail 7.8

Bit of a leveller today seeing how quick the best are! Had a great session but towards the end of the day legs and arms were cramping up and nearly exploded on my last run. Time to pack up!

Last windy day of speed week so tried the small sail big board combo, bit dicey in the low tide conditions but surprisingly fast and easy to make it back to the start.

day 6 (thursday) of speedweek , been a great event 6 days of solid 20 knots plus wind , awesome