Results of the day
1Dan Willemse33.94
2Mike Sinclair33.66

Lake Ellesmere 2nd time this season.

Not a whole lot of wind or water but a nice session anyway.

Shallow and hard to get the 23 going with it stuck in the mud on take off.

Had a big spin out in the best gust of the day and couldn't get the fin engaged, had to stop and missed the best gust, rats! I reckon the spin was probably a big lump of mud on the tip of the fin from take off.   

Wind died and got out of the farm before dark.

Mykz SL54, MauiTR7 6.3, Mykz Fatty 23 fin


Greenpark. More wind than two days ago. Same set up aswell. Great fun blasting on the open flat water. My best gust was the same as Mike. Spun out and took forever to pull it back in. Falcon 79, R4 6.2, Mykz 225/29