Results of the day
1Damien Nico42.99
2Michel Meijer41.22
3Patrick Van Hoof39.9
4Dennis De Pauw38.82
5Nico Nouwen38.76
6Tom De Pauw38.09
7Guillaume Piedfert37.86
8Marco Smeele37.41
9Andre Lancel36.34
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Day 5

Nice to surf here again after 3 years.

Too bad we arrived too late.

Great spot with great friends.


Two very nice 10' runs => PR Avg and 500m


Now I'm ready for some real winds !!

PR mile

Voor het eerst op La Franqui, wat een top dag !!

bam, a new pr on the NM, it was so good that this was better the my 3fastest 10 secondscheeky

Whaaww.. blij terug aan te komen op deze coole spot ;-)