Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout45.72
2Vincent Valkenaers43.61
3Antony Todd41.12
4Patrick Depoorter28.34
5Stephen Squirrell16.53

Holiday time!

leuk dagje wel gecracht bij het remmen rug en beetje pijn gedaan mar voor de rest super kon er niet uit halen wat ik dacht er uit tekunne hale en  na de middag was de wind al veel te noord 

Super windy today, i only managed to do 6 runs in the lulls all day!  Then wind swung more broad and choppy in the afternoon.

Wednesday 14th October – windsurf * - La Franqui – sunny but cool :( wind 30/60 nw, Falcon speed with 5.2.


Mag and I have had the most wonderful month in France mainly up in the mountains but with a week to go checked the forecast and there was a couple of days of wind at La Franqui so drove the 200 miles here yesterday arriving late afternoon to good winds but too late to sail so parked up at our lovely spot near Bages and the wind picked up really strong overnight:( We learnt on Facebook that our very good friend Patrick Deporter was driving down overnight :) it’s always nice to have someone to sail with here! Having seen a brilliant sunrise we were up and about fairly early and reached the beach at ten to find Patrick already there safe and sound after driving 1100 km! but also there was Ant and Jason from the UK along with one of the world’s top speedsailors Jacque and speedy Belgian mate Vincent Valkenaers.  sadly there was no rigging action so things were not right! The forecast wind of 25/40mph was as usual not close with winds gusting 35 to 50 mph reaching over 60 in the afternoon!!! And square at this point :( Ant was the first to brave the conditions with 5m followed closely by Jacques and VIncent on 5.4 who made light of the conditions and were sling-shotting into the chop reaching 90 km!!!! Amazing. Us lesser mortals had a great time chatting sheltered mainly behind our van while Mag made hot drinks all round as even in the sunshine it is very chilly:( I managed to get a few action pics but was losing a layer of skin from my legs with the sand as I have only shorts with me! The wind just got stronger and a big chop was running down the course making it almost unsailable :( Patrick had even bought me a top Birthday present of a beer glass and a couple of bottles to go with it – a big thank-you :) When Patrick rigged his 5.6 I had no choice but to rig my 5.2 and as usual had trouble rigging it with the damaged head but got there in the end! But the wind was bonkers now so sat it out for awhile and had some lunch, even Jacque sat in the shelter of their van for ages! The gusty wind did seem to drop a little so Patrick and I decided to give it a go, Pat got away ok but my mast popped out the head of my sail and I had to rig again – not easy in a gale! I was soon back to the water but it was a waste of time by now with super strong gusty winds and a killer chop, I got going a couple of times but just spun out so decided to call it a day before I  broke me or my  kit! Tomorrows forecast is looking better so fingers crossed I can get some runs in some enjoyable conditions! I think my love affair with La Franqui is over and this might be our last visit as for every good day’s sailing I get three crap days:( it’s just no fun sailing in choppy 50 mph conditions! De-rigged quickly and got off the beach,  at Lidl in Sigean before heading to our lovely sheltered spot at Port Mahon ignoring the no overnight parking sign we de-sanded the van, I washed the sand off, had a cake and cuppa and went for a nice walk – it’s very beautiful down here just a shame about the 50+ mph winds!!!


PS – the highlight of the day was seeing a kingfisher while driving off the beach :)