Stephen Squirrell

  • Tuesday, November 12, 2019
  • United Kingdom

  • Max. 2 sec.
  • 17.86knots
Average speed
16.52  ( 16.9 16.75 16.67 16.41 15.86 )
  • 100 m run
  • 16.9knots
  • 250 m run
  • 16.44knots
  • 500 m run
  • 15.56knots
  • Nautical mile
  • 8.99knots
  • 1 hour avg speed
  • 6.3knots
  • Alpha racing
  • 8.59knots
  • Distance
  • 15km
  • Duration
  • 00:46:23
  • Windspeed
  • 15 - 25knots
  • Wind direction
  • SW ( 270)

Tuesday 12th November – Windsurf *** - River Orwell - Levington – sunny.

Starboard Formula and Slingshot Hover Glide F/Wind with Tushingham Lightning 6.5

Foil – 18.07 knot max., 16.51 knot ave., 6.30 knot hour, 8.98 knot mile, 14.80 km., 8.59 knot Alpha.

With wall to wall sunshine forecast for this morning with rain coming this afternoon I was keen to get out on the foil at Levington despite this cold snap continuing:( I arrived at the marina around 10 with a good WSW breeze with plenty of water so I quickly set up my foil and rigged my 6.5, having a problem sleeving the mast at the end of the sail! And this is the smallest sail I have ever used for foiling and small sails are great, much easier:) I was soon out on the water and flying long broad runs into Levington Bay, hardly sheeting in and having great fun, only problem was the cold, my hands soon became painful and my grip suffered badly too, just think how fast I would have gone if I had the strength to actually sheet in!!! I can defiantly foil better downwind wind my front foot in the strap and my backfoot in the middle of the board, upwind I am finding more challenging and slogged back a few times especially when the tide turned and chopped the river up! Fin sailor Richard arrived and did a few short runs but it was patchy and he had forgot his winter boots so his feet good very cold! With the river lumpy and wind gusting over 25 mph I decided to call it a day especially after failing on my very old Tushingham Lightning 6.5 putting a big hole in it, I hope to tape it tomorrow! I just hope it warms up as it’s hard on the hands this cold weather sailing! but at least I made it home before the rain arrived, just and thank goodness for the diesel heater in our van!!!!

Best 500m run