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Event name2012 King of Paradise
Start DateSunday, January 1, 2012
End DateMonday, July 1, 2013
Event contactinfoAnders Bjorkvist
Event moderatorAnders Bjorkvist

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Notice of race

Duration of contests?
The contest will take place during week July 26th - August 9 th.??
The 250 m speedcourse. Click on picture to enlarge
The event is organized by Torkelstorp Vindsurfingklubb. ? and Chris Schill Pro Center.?Contact persons: Anders Bjorkqvist, anders(a)
Chris Schill Procenter Paradise bay (Devils bay), Afiarti, Karpathos Greece. ?All speedruns must be set in the triangle between the Pro center the Island and land.? (The Worldcup course).
The best 2 days a week of every sailor will give the rank for the King of Paradise. Each week is a different contest. Upload your best 250-meter run from the current race day in GPS In this way we can all participate, despite different arrival days.
Every rider shall also report his/her best 10-second run (display) everyday at the notice board at the Procenter before 19.00 every evening.???
Best speed?
We count only one of the participant's best 250m average speed per race day. 07.00-19.00. The sessions must be uploaded to the GPS Speedsurfing ”Karpathos” not later than 9 PM every day. If you do not have a computer we will help you at the Procenter. Furthermore, so you should mark the event as "King of Paradise 2012”. Be prepared to RTK can recover samples of your file. ?If the participant has an Amaryllo, GT11, GT31 device, you should always use the timing from that device.??
A new rule for 2012 is that the top 3 riders and fastest rider of the day will have to give their files to the event manager. Runs with error margins over +/- 1.0 knots will not be accepted as valid results. If the margin is more, the whole error-margin will be substracted from the result or the riders next best run will be used. The minimum speed of 30 knots has to be posted by two riders or more to make a race day valid.
The 250 meter speed course at Paradise bay (Devils bay) will be clear at least 5 hours a day, free from kite- and freestyle-riders. 

Storage and Airport pick-up
Every competitor can book storage and airport pickup at Chris Schill Pro Center, 65 EUR one week, 90 EUR for two weeks 120 EUR for three weeks. That also includes all services at the center, as rescue etc. The competitors in King of Paradise do not have to pay for extra equipment (additional boards and rigs).??
The Lycra = rescue service
Every competitor have to wear the yellow Lycra that can be bought at Chris Schill Pro Center. With the Lycras we can easily see who is competing. The other sailors know that they should give way and we also know that the yellow sailors may requires extra support from Chris Schill´s support team.
The Lycra is made of the highest quality and is sold for 39 Euro to all competitors that stores their equipment at Chris Schill Procenter.  The cost if you do not store your equipment at Chris Schill Procenter is 99 Euro, that will include the important rescue service.

Tally system
We have the same safety-system this year as last year, with a tally-tag at the beach where every competitor turn it into green when entering the water. In that way we know who is out on the water.
Entry fee and prize?
We do not plan to take any extra entry fee, except of the Lycra (39 or 99 EUR). The winner will get the title “King of Paradise week XX”, a trophy and a lot of respect! ??
Each participant should take responsibility for himself and can be disqualified if he/she exposes herself or others at unnecessary risk. If you use extra weights a vest must support the weights or equivalent that provides a positive buoyancy of the weights. Wetsuit, etc. are not counted as flotation devices. Failure to provide help to those who show emergency signal will be disqualified. Anyone who gives assistance to such an extent that he/she does not itself implement the competition can apply to have estimated results of the race.??
Every rider has responsibility for himself. He/she has to have all insurances needed. TTVK will not take any responsibility for rescue operations nor racing accidents.??
Just windsurfing equipment is approved. It is therefore the same rules that apply to GPS
Why a race? When a race is proclaimed every rider perform the little extra!? But the most important thing is not to win but to enjoy and have fun together!

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