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Event name2016 Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge
Start DateThursday, May 5, 2016
End DateMonday, May 9, 2016
Event contactinfoBjorn Dunkerbeck
Event sponsorGran Canaria

  Event description and NOR

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Tourism Board of Gran Canaria this project is going to happen again in 2016.

The race will  be on  every day during  the regular Defi Heats.Depending of the weather conditions it´s posible to have a extra round only for the Gran Canaria speed challenge it will be announced every day in the skippers meeting and post in the official notice board

All competitor taking part in the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge have to create an account in :, and they have to post their times daily in the site. 

The GPS will automatically detect the best 250m or 500m run.

Competitors must bring their own compatible GPS devices according to the standard rules from 

If you don't have a GPS, but you do have an Android Phone, you can use the special Speed App, GPSLogit for free during this event. Please read the installation instructions here , or download the App directly at . 

Here you find a step-by-step instructions how to register and how to post your speed session:

  1. How to create a new account (new members)
  2. How to finish your profile & getting ready to post
  3. How to subscribe to the event for Defi competitors
  4. How to upload your session


IMPORTANT: When you are a new member, and signed up for the first time, your registration to the event will be visible AFTER you have posted your first session.                                                            



  Event messages

Event subscribers
1Bjorn Dunkerbeck51.38
2Robert Hofmann49.48
3Markus Emanuelsson48.81
4Gilles Paredes-Vinuales43.13
5Robin Blondeel42.47
6Fabian Crombeen41.59
7Raf Alexander41.35
8Guillaume Piedfert41.14
9Kai Kaufmann40.52
10Jan Hendrik de Bruin40.36
11Raphael THOMAS40.02
12Wessel Douma39.87
13Hugo Hekkenberg39.55
14Michael Kalleitner39.25
15Nicolas Saillard38.79
16Bjorn Enqvist38.68
17Alexandre Broussier38.49
20Erik Gerritsen38.36
21Oliver Schaarschmidt38.06
22Paul Morris37.9
23Arnold Agema37.88
24Jens Vester37.83
25Didier Mourral37.72
26Franck Couvreur36.89
27Dennis Klaaijsen36.84
28Mike Hessels36.63
29Garry Connell36.06
30John Oliver35.94
31COIGNAC Fabien35.7
32Andy Hart35.03
33Dave Strudwick34.97
34Tyberghien Pieter34.82
35Martin Keernik34.8
36Henning ter Horst34.29
37Jan Behrendt33.98
38Juan Herrero33.9
39HAULBERT Yoann33.89
40Yves Wynen33.88
41Matthew Spooner33.46
42Damien Henry33.33
43Jesper Skytte33.29
44Risto Muldme33.23
45Risto Muldme33.23
46Guillaume Montjotin33.03
47Brice Boulay32.75
48Benoit Guy32.63
49Guido Trampe32.51
50Marin TESSIER32.02
51Peep Tomingas31.99
52Meindert Vonk31.71
53Maron Rietveld31.48
54Richard Stolk31.08
55Pedro da Costa31.03
56Pascal Deus30.85
57vernet david30.78
58Olivier Soufflet30.78
59François Kohl30.67
60Henrik Bach Christensen30.52
61Rob Hazelaar30.25
62Rob Hazelaar30.25
63Michal Polak29.95
64Jean-Claude David29.22
66Florent Morel28.66
67Angelo Fumagalli28.04
68Aron Etmon27.79
70Gerard Northwood26.86
71jérôme Simonet26.62
72van Doorn26.5
73Per Mjåtvedt25.66
74roberto spaggiari24.46
75Marine Hunter23.83
76Alexandre Broussier23.21
77Geffroy Yves22.37
78Yoann FLEURY22.31
79Marin TESSIER21.85
80Alexandre Dean9g21.79
81Robert Hofmann21.5
82Robin Blondeel20.82
83Andy Hart20.62
84Guillaume Montjotin18.63
85Garry Connell17.33