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Event name2017 USA Speed Challenge
Start DateSunday, January 1, 2017
End DateMonday, January 1, 2018
CountryUnited States

  Event description and NOR

100m speed challenge to find the fastest windsurfers in the USA

Best 100m doppler speed anywhere in the USA

Any doppler gps approved by

Overall and regional divisions for NW, SW, NE, SE, N, S & Hawaii

Making speedsailing in America great again!


Fastest windsurfers in the USA

Ken Winner Speed Series USBA 100m record
Mike Delehanty 44.45 knots Klickitat River Sandbar, Lyle WA, USA Sept. 1993

GPS 100m
Derek Nielsen 45.55 knots ARooBar, Chinook WA, USA Nov. 5th. 2009

HISTORY: In 1988 speedsailing was one of the most popular forms of windsurfing competition. To grow the sport in the USA event organisers decided simplicity was the key and 100m courses were a practical alternative to the 500m ones used overseas.

The US Boardsailing association became involved and sanctioned the results over 100m. From a practical point of view there were more locations in the USA where 100m courses could be setup. Both the organisers and US Boardsailing were right, by 1991 there were over 500 sailors posting 100m speeds in the US Boardsailing sanctioned Ken Winner Jantzen Speed Series. 

In 1993 the overall 100m USBA record was set at 44.45 knots, a record that stands to this day. In all over 1100 windsurfers participated and had 100m rankings from 1990 to 1995.

  Event messages

December 29th, 2017

A late session at ARooBar on the 29th sees a new top 100m speed for 2017, looks as if the season is really over now for the year.

The overall 2017 100m ranking is:

1. Kean Rogers 42.63 knots

2. Boris Vujasinovic 38.632 knots 

3. Denis Savelyev 38.086 knots 

4. Dean Withrow 37.16 knots 

5. Alexander Sosnin 35.73 knots

6. Jean Rathe 31.3 knots

7. Barton Brown 28.95 knots.

Divisional Rankings as of December 29th, 2017

NW: 1. Kean Rogers 42.63 knots
NE:  1. Dean Withrow 37.16 knots
SW: 1. Boris Vujasinovic 38.632 knots 
SE:  1. Boris Vujasinovic 37.35 knots

It was good to see results posted from all around the USA. Hopefully we'll see some results from Texas and Hawaii in 2018. To all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.