Results of the day
1Dave MacInnes44.81
2Tony Wynhoven44.46
3Chris Lockwood44.13
4Craig Spottiswood43.98
5Andrew Daff42.86
6Shelby Reilly42.78
7Adrian Bonomi42.52
8Anthony Hamood41.72
9Mathew Robertson41.32
10Tim Hemer41.31
11Craig Hollins41.19
12John Rohrsheim40.98
13Martin Love40.79
14Tom Chalko38.77

Fun day at Sandy with all the crew ( and a lot of imports too!!). Left home at 4.00 am and arrived just in time as the tide dropped. The wind was swinging a lot and catching a gust of the right direction was important. Classic Sandy Point conditions for Winter time. Great to catch up with everyone again.
All results on the GT 31 x 2
cheers Tony
PB! $0$0 $0 $0Pretty good when it was on. The 45 knot run was the smoothest and most in control. Sail trim didn't flinch once in the whole run. Managed to score a couple of nice gusts. The rest of the time just cruising waiting for wind. Lot's of speedsailors out and one unfortunate kitesurfer that required rescuing.$0 $0$0 $0 $0I can now see a 45 average in my sights. Something I once didn't think was feasible for my measly weight!$0

Another early start, John and I arrived at 6.30 to find the road too flooded to get in so it was to the car park to wait for a few hours. The SA invasion arrived very soon after and soon there was a Melbourne sized traffic jamb at the entrance. A few brave souls drove through the water to get in early. Don,t buy Landcruiser,Land Rover, Ford and a Suzuki Swift that was well and truely salt washed the night high tide. Got in , rigged up 5 and 5.8 good wind and tide, lots of mad keen sailors everywhere. 1st run down, sheet out explore the run ,set the line, crap its realy windy, forgot to switch the Garmin on, so no idea what the speed was (Real speed had it at 38.2) Second run down sheeted in 41.9 its going to be a good dayTongue out Sailed back and my forearms had blown up after two runs ,CRAP Yell I spent the next hour trying to get some strength back into my arms and missed most of the best wind. Got back on the water and started to dial into some very nice numbers. A bit too south for my liking but it made it easy to sail back to the car park. Carn,t be too disapointed, its be a while since the Crew did a few Pb,s in a session WinkWink 

CA40, Ka5.0,TM V7 for the 2s,5x10,nm  Kids ProS ,Ka5.8 TM 26 for the  Alpha 

Dave...  congrats on an impressive session....  those carbon arts have got some consistancy!!!    looks like a clean sweep for fastest windsurfer on all distances for NZ....  Well done
Good day, didn,t go as well as hoped . Tried the 20 in the new board. It,s too small for me in 5 meter weather, it,s a 4.4 fin.
The board has heaps of potential, just the D...head riding it thats the problem at the moment.
WOW. Congratulations on all the PR's and your fantastic avg Dave and a 500 of 82.....
Has been a great week for you Aussies and our dutchies..
All the best.
WSW 30-35 at the start decreasing as the session went on. The wind also started to swing around a bit.
PB 2 sec. 10 sec. 100m. 250m. 500m
2009 KA Koncept 4.4m was very sweet and smooth at the start when the wind was up. Looking forward to another 35+ knots day to really find out it's limits.
A bit of weed in the water and I felt the more vertical fin was handicapped by the weed.
Also sailed the Starboard isonic 50 later with the 5m 2009 KA Koncept and Time Machine TM50 fin. One or two of those runs contributed to the average.
Great Fun!
You were right in your email from 2 days ago Andrew. You really broke some of your records today.
Even before i entered the year ranking you fast Aussies put me down already.
Just a little frustated by the timing of your postings over there in Sandy Point just like you're postings on 1st of Januari;-)
Well done!
Hey guys, Dave, prety impresive speeds!!!

I am jealous.

Have not speedsailed for so long

Congratulations to all

Well put Philip, I'm also jealous that our cousins have such good fun.

Congrats to Dave MacInnes,

Impressive 44.32m, must be the fastest 500m for a Kiwi! & clean sweep in all N.Z speed categories.

Steven van der Lelie, need to point out that Dave MacInnes is an New Zealander (Kiwi).

Chris T, you & Luke W need to put the Tea Bags™ down & start the Poles™ up again to regain the Top spots for N.Z speeds!

Best day at Sandy in ages!
The wind was nice and consistent in strength for the first couple of hours - it was still swinging from a bit tight on the course to some faster broad ones.
I really put the KA 20 fin under some big jolts at speed today where it stuck like glue so that did a lot for my confidence and I now feel like I have found another "gear" :-))
I took the 5.0 RSR out first,did my 2nd fastest run on it,and there was enough wind for it in the first hour or so.
This one will keep a smile on my face for a week:-)))
Andrew ...  thats also an impressive  500   congrats  I didnt realise when I first saw it how much of a jump it was ...  all those long hours of sailing paying of bigtime !!

@ Michael... not quite a clean sweep for Dave
Definitely the fastest  500m  by any kiwi anywhere!!

Windsurfing  2 second  still held  by Luke Wiggleworth  (granted that its a garmin time not navi)
Dave pipped me by 2  100ths of a sec on the  100m 
and  I still have the nautical mile as a claim to fame.....

But  Gavin Broadent   has the fastest   2 / 10 sec /  100m  / 250m /    and   average speed on a kite  still  ....  
and given  Luke and my times are a couple of years old now  and we are desperate for some serious wind   we   should see some  good leaps in the  kiting  500m   when the serious souwesters kick in again

But that takes nothing away from  a session that puts Dave  up in the top 10 in the world  rankings!!!      
Kiwis   can fly
Great day - tantalisingly close to a new 5x10 pb!!!
Yes, Congrats also to Andrew Daff for your remarkable 500m must be the Fastest WindSurf Speed for a Light weight in the World?

"we are desperate for some serious wind we should see some good leaps in the  kiting  500m".
Yep you Kite fellows most likely will get remarkable 500m speeds at the Auckland City Speed Run™ when the SW returns to Auckland, us Old Slow Polers™ will be no match for you Kite fellows!
But those speeds will be not SpeedSurf speeds, they will be Kite speeds belonging to the Kite Hall of Fame!

Lets hope the SW wind will return in the coming spring season to the unpopulated Auckland City Speed Run™.

Sandy Point sounds & looks great, but with 10 surfers its very crowded & can only get more crowded with more Imports flying over for a weekend. The N.Z & Aussie Governments are planning/ fast tracking on having a common border where a flight from Auckland to Melbourne will be a domestic flight!

Andrew, well done on that 250 and 500 meters, that is a great result.
Nice speeds Dave, that is the great thing about working in Melbourne, you have Sandy Point at your door step, must be  alot better than when you were working in London with the River Thames at your door step.  That was a great  500, would you have been better with a smaller sail?
Hope to see you there in October sometime!
Cheers Luke

Hey guys,

Seems it was a great day of saailing. Congrats on all pb's. I hope you get more of this soon and the international fight continues. Good luck with the hunt. Real fun to read the day comments.
5.8 2009 Ka Koncept really flying with the stronger gusts early on,  was all a matter of timing latter on with the gusty wind swinging back and fourth to get any consistency.
Made the trip over with Anthony to the pit for a crack at some pbs and had everything prepered for a good session EXCEPT being able to test the RSS evoIII before I got there.  Rigged it to the exact specs on the sail and it looked similar to the RSR but when I hit the water on my first run the draft was all over the place like a flogged out wave sail.  Came in and put on more downhaul which improved things but I was wasting the good early wind so I could not f*ck around all day.  In hindsight I should have let of the downhaul off to add more knuckle and move the draft forward.  A wasted opportunity as I wrestled the sail all day.  I was happy to beat my 5x10 as this gives me hope for when I get it sorted and can actually have a locked sail on the run.  I think I would have gone faster if it was stronger OR lighter as I have got my 5 and 6.7 RSR tweaked to perfection.  The big bonus was trying my new GoPro Wide angle camera (and seeing Anthony and Chris do well!), I am stoked with the footage and will edit a movie shortly.  I tried a head mount as well as on the boom looking back.  I will post it to my blog soon -
Great toget back to SP again and even better to have some wind to play with. All the locals were firing today with loads of PBs going down. It wasnt super windy but there were some good gusts coming through. I didnt get any runs powered all the way, and was having problems with my 2mm short arm wetsuit being a bit too light on for the temperatures. By the end of my second run I was getting hamstring cramps. That extended to my thighs, and calf muscles, and even my right bicep! Not much fun. I had to stop for a while and find something warmer to wear, eat some food and generally have a break. The wind had backed off after that but there were still a few puffs coming through and I stayed out till quite late. It surprised me how important it is to stay warm in these conditions to avoid cramps. Seems my body takes a while to adjust. Overall I'm stoked for all the guys that got their PBs today, and happy to have gotten another nice day at SP. The trip over was worth it. Need to say a big thanks to ADaff and Matt for the hospitality.
Chris T, Michael and Luke, Thanks. I checked out the kite site and I think Gavin will have the record for a while to come, my only hope of keeping something is the 500, as it looks like the spot he sails is pretty short. And those CA's are consistent. That Chrizzle Lockwood guy knows what he's doing when it comes to designing boards (not so good at picking out wetsuits). I ended up with 8 runs over 44 knots. How long is it before those Souwesters are due to kick in and you guys pip the 500?

Luke, it will be good to catch up in Oct (2006 in Fuerte was it last time?). How long are you planning to come out for? The 5.8 was the right size I think. Early on the wind was at a good angle and the sail could have handled more wind. Maybe the efficiency thing could have kicked it, but as I didn't want to waste the wind I didn't want to try it out. And my next one down is an '05 5.0 Naish which is a bit stiff. Working here is defo better than London. I think Southend on it's day would be a couple of knots quicker. But that day comes about once every 3 years. So many more opportunities to get out for a sail here.

Phillip, I haven't done much sailing either. The front of the shins are still stiff as hell today, as is the back. Karpathos must be starting to get a little wind these days?

...also, Chris who is the NZ timekeeper these days? You are still listed, but I know you past it on when you went to the dark side.
Dave.. Mike  Sinclair is looking after the windsurf rtk  for NZ ...  If you dont have his email address  send me one on    and will fire you his addy

Just about EPIC...!