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Event name2018 British Speed Championship
Start DateMonday, October 1, 2018
End DateTuesday, October 1, 2019
Event contactinfoJim Crossley
Event sponsorJim Crossley
CountryUnited Kingdom

Event description and NOR

Based on your fastest 250m run during the year and only on sessions from UK waters.  Enter your sessions for the BSC for fun rankings or if you are a member of the UKWA your results will be entered into the UKWA GPS British Speed Championship where the 'Dave White British Speed Challenge Trophy' will be awarded to the sailor with the fastest 250m run.  There will also be trophies to keep for the men, woman and youth categories. So on any windy day take your GPS out at your favourite speed spot, which could be on the sea or your local lake and set your own personal record. Then upload you session to see how you did against the rest of the UK on GPS-Speedsurfing

When Checking rankings don't forget to change the filter to 250m.


Video timing equipment is not used. Only hand held gps units are used. This enables sessions be made at very short notice. The main unit used is the Navi GT31 or GW-60. But other older units like the Garmin Foretrek, Forerunner and Geko are still acceptable but may not as accurate.

The rules are based on the rules dictated by gps-speedsurfing. And it will be based on your fastest 250 m run. The GPS units must record at a minimum of two second time intervals. The GPS tracks are up-loaded to a computer and speeds are calculated on gps software such as the free to use gps action replay or highly recommended GPS Results (free for 30 days then 29 Euros Downloadable from the website

Each competitor will then post his or her time on gps-speedsurfing and clicking British Speed Challenge as the event.

Qualifying Equipment

Any windsurfing Equipment is allowed

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